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1st Things First...

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Latest Update...

v1.0.16, 09/06/2015 click here for more information...

Basic Tips...

  • Double Click the blue block in the far left of any data grid to enter into Edit mode.
  • Use the Search fields to filter down to locate records.
  • Use TAB key to move from one field to another.
  • Use ENTER key to accept a Command Button when button is active.
  • During any screen session, you must select the Save All button to save all applied changes back to your database. This allows you to Quit without saving any changes.
  • On any data grid view, you can select any column header to sort by that header ascending or descending.
  • On any data grid view, you can select items by using the mouse and Shift key or Ctrl key. To select all - click the gray box in the top left corner. Then use Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste. You can copy/paste into any other Windows program including Word and Excel.
  • Pull-Down Menus are sorted alphabetically, use your mouse or keyboard to help make selection.

Referencing Programs...

(figure - 1a)

Through out this help documentation I will reference programs as follows:

  • Start up System/Utility/Empty Tables
  • From main menu select System/Utility/Empty Tables
  • Run System/Utility/Empty Tables to empty tables.
  • ...
  • Each sample above indicates that you should select System from the main menu screen and then select Utility and then select Empty Tables to load the Empty Tables utility program. (as shown in figure 1a above)

How to Un-Install ProWDO

  1. Exit ProWDO...
  2. Using Programs and Features under Control Panel  - Un-Install ProWDO...
  3. Using Windows Explorer  - Delete the folder called ProWDO...
  4. You may also need to Delete the folder called ProWDOVideos if it exist...

Editing and Saving Changes


As you open each screen; the customer screen, order entry screen or any other screen. You're working in what is referred to as a screen session or file maintenance session. This design allows you to make many changes to many different records within the same session. Then when ready you can Save All the changes that you made back to the live databases, or you could choose not to Save any changes at all. As each screen loads, it loads all the records into that session for you to view, modify, add or delete.

Most all screens look similar to this one, you have your basic Add, Delete, Save All and Refresh buttons at the very bottom and the Edit, Apply and Cancel buttons in the Current Record section. After making a change to any record, you select the Apply button to apply that change to your session. (memory only) When you're finished making all your changes, select the Save All button to save all changes back to the databases.

  • Add - add new record.
  • Delete - delete current record highlighted
  • Save All - save all changes back to your live databases.
  • Refresh - reload all data from current databases.
  • Edit - edit current highlighted record. (you can also double click record to edit)
  • Apply - apply change to current session (memory).
  • Cancel - cancel any change to current record being added or edited.

Example: You made a change to a report by adding a new findings item and apply it, then you realized that you edited the wrong report. Select either Refresh or Quit without saving all.

To Quit or Exit any screen session, click the X in the upper right corner of that window. This includes the Main Menu Screen.

Memory Management


Use the Memory Monitor on the EULA screen to monitor memory resources.
If you're not able to load as many sessions as you would like,
consider increasing your system's memory.

Basic Core Concept


The basic concept of this system is to setup custom Findings, Recommendations, Remarks and Notes within the Global Lookup Tables so you can select from them during the report process. Setup Report Templates (1-10) using ProWDO and MS WordPad documents to customized the legal notices, disclosure and terms text that will be used by ProWDO when printing reports. Setup 1 to 35 Diagram Templates using ProWDO and MS Paint as starting points when setting up each diagram for each report. Process WDO Reports using a simple data input screen and close them into history when done.

Support Pricing


Click here for complete support options and pricing...

Setup Guide


This is a basic procedure guide for setting up ProWDO so you can start using it. This guide assumes you are ready to start using the system as your own.

  • Empty Tables - Select System/Utility/Empty Tables to do that. (follow instructions)
  • Setup your Company information - Select System/User Setup.
  • Setup Options - Select System/Options, this allows you to setup and customized the Report Types, Findings Types and Structure Types.
  • Diagram Templates - Select File/Diagram Templates.
  • Report Templates - Select File/Report Templates.
  • Findings Lookup Table - Select File/Findings Setup. (add as many as you need)
  • Recommendations and Notes Setup - Select File/Recommendations/Notes Setup.
  • Add any Names and Addresses... (Note: you can add while processing reports)
  • You're now ready to start processing reports.

Getting Started


ProWDO comes with sample names and addresses with a few WDO Reports so you can play with the system to get a basic idea of how it works. This program is not hard at all, most options and menu items are self explanatory... Be sure to download and watch the Training Videos...

  • Have fun, you're not going to hurt the sample data, you will be able to clean up the data tables later if you wish.

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Backup and Empty Tables


Under the System pull-down menu, you will find a menu option called Utility. Under that Backup and Restore and Empty Tables options.

  • Backup Database - use this to make a backup copy of the SPCReports.sdf so you can easily restore if needed.
  • Restore Database - use this to restore from backup copy made from option above.
  • Empty Tables - use this to empty data (delete) from any or all tables. The system comes with findings and recommendations and sample names and addresses with a few WDO reports. Most users would rather empty those tables and start over with their own Findings, Recommendations and Notes. Use this if you wish to empty any or only certain tables.

If you wish; you can backup the entire ProWDO folder. That can easily be done by using Windows Explorer to copy and paste the ProWDO folder to an external drive or memory stick. This is recommended since all report diagram images are stored under the ProWDO\SPCJpegs folder. Also you would want to have a backup of your custom Report (rtf) documents and the 35 Diagram Templates. 

Transferring ProWDO from one computer to another...

Let's say you have got yourself a new computer... Great! Now you need to get ProWDO and your data transferred over to your new computer. Follow instructions below to do that...

Note: click here to open this instructions page in a new window... (outside ProWDO)

  1. Using your New Computer....
  2. Download and install ProWDO again from this website.
  3. Start it up just like you did before, it should set the 14 day trial...
  4. After ProWDO is installed and running in the 14 day trial mode on your new computer, logon to your old computer...
  5. Make sure ProWDO is not running...
  6. Using a thumb drive or memory stick copy and paste the entire ProWDO folder from your old computer to the thumb drive or memory stick, or what ever media that you may be using.
  7. Now plug the memory stick or media that you may be using into your new machine.
  8. Make sure ProWDO is not running.
  9. Copy and paste these two files below from the (media ProWDO folder) into the C:\ProWDO folder on your new computer. (making sure to overwrite the existing files)
  10. Copy and paste the contents (files only) from the (media ProWDO\SPCReports folder) into the C:\ProWDO\SPCReports folder on your new computer. (making sure to overwrite the existing files)
  11. Copy and paste the contents (files only) from the (media ProWDO\SPCDiagrams folder) into the C:\ProWDO\SPCDiagrams folder on your new computer. (making sure to overwrite the existing files)
  12. Copy and paste the contents (files only) from the (media ProWDO\SPCJpegs folder) into the C:\ProWDO\SPCJpegs folder on your new computer. (making sure to overwrite the existing files)
  13. Startup ProWDO on the new machine... you should be good to go...
  14. Once you're satisfied that your data has been transferred over to your new machine, you should un-install ProWDO from your old machine.

Note: You should not have to re-activate the product...

Warning: under copyright law and the EULA (end-user-license-agreement) that you agreed too, requires that you should un-install ProWDO from your old machine since you have installed it on another.