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ProWDO - Structural Pest Control Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspection Report Solutions

WDO Inspection - Structural Pest Control Report Solutions...

    This product is our standalone structural pest control wood destroying pests and organisms inspection report creation software program designed for the pest control service industry. This product was originally designed specifically for use in the State Of California, (It now includes other States) its design is based on the California Structural Pest Control Boards 43M-41 and the 43M-44 standard report forms. Its designed in such away that allows for custom text on the legal notices, disclosures and terms pages while providing for great looking estimates, findings and recommendation pages. This is an Microsoft Windows base Desktop Application compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This product is not a web-based application and it is not compatible with MAC.

States: (so far)

  • Alabama - Part A, Part B, Findings Addendum and Part E (Estimates) and others.
  • California - 43M-41, 43M-44, Terms pages, Findings and Recommendations, Estimates and others.
  • (State not listed) - give us a call...


  • Address Table - Save and reuse Ordered By, Owner and Sent To names and addresses.
  • Findings Table - Setup your own Findings lookup table to select from during report processing.
  • Recommendations Table - Setup your own Recommendations lookup table.
  • Notes/Remarks Table - Setup notes and remarks lookup tables.
  • Microsoft Paint - it interfaces with MS Paint to setup Structure Diagrams, your able to setup 1 to 35 diagram templates to use as starting points for each report.
  • Microsoft WordPad - it interfaces with MS WordPad to customized up to 10 (rtf) Rich-Text-Format documents.
  • Insert Data Fields - when setting up custom report documents you can insert data fields into those rtf documents.
  • Built-In - Standard Report Forms - Standard 43M-41, Standard 43M-44, Findings and Recommendations, Estimates Approval page and up to 6 Legal Notice and Terms pages. (Text is inserted from (rtf) documents with exception of the 43M forms)
  • Two Print Options - When processing each report, you can either Print the Built-In format or Open WordPad and print from there. This allows for complete customizable documents for any structural pest control WDO reports no matter if you're inspecting in the state of California or not.
  • History - Once a report has been completed or is no longer needed, you can close to History or Delete.
  • email - Setup your email account and email reports in PDF or Excel file formats bypassing any email client software like Outlook, Thunderbird etc... etc...
  • Customizable Report Type and Findings Checkbox Options.
  • Customizable Structure Type Checkbox Options.
  • Sub-Group the Findings and Recommendations by Findings or Structure or None at all, on the Findings page.
  • Customize all Legal notices, disclosures and terms text using the built-in WordPad (rtf) documents.
  • Logo - Insert your company logo into the 43M-41 and 43M-44 report forms.

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Basic Design:

    ProWDO is designed with one main purpose, and that is to be able to easily produce and print structural pest control wood destroying pests and organisms inspection reports based on the forms and formats required by the state of California Structural Pest Control Board. Its not designed to invoice, track billing, track open work orders or even track customers, its simply a standalone database application to create, print and track WDO Reports. After WDO reports are completed and/or no longer required, you simply close them to history in case you need to re-print them later or you can delete them. 

     After setting up your basic tables like diagram templates, report templates, findings and recommendations, notes and remarks lookup tables;  you're ready to just click Add and enter all the data to process the WDO report. While doing that you can save Ordered By, Owner and Sent To names and addresses that could be use again on another report. When processing reports, you're not retyping findings and recommendations, you're selecting the findings and recommendations from your own customized lookup tables.

    The idea and main reason for using MS WordPad as the report document editor and MS Paint as the diagram editor is they both come with Windows and are already installed. ProWDO interfaces with both of these products, in other words, ProWDO will open either one with the proper file name for you. All you have to do is edit and save.

 Will this work outside the State of California?

    You may be able to use this product even though you're not doing pest control service in the state of California. It really depends on the format and requirements of the State that you're doing inspection services in. Keep in mind that we are still adding new States to this product and you can still print any or all documents using WordPad instead of our built-in formats. Also remember you can insert data fields into the WordPad documents.  

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System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.
  • At least 900 x 650 pixels screen resolution.
  • ProWDO is an 32bit application that will run on 32bit or 64bit machines.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or better **
  • Microsoft Report Viewer **

** Will install during installation if not already installed on your machine.
Note: .NET Framework is usually already pre-installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Read more with screen shots below...

Support for this product...

Current users - click here for the support page for this product...

Screen Shots and Report Samples:

Note: Some Screen Shots displayed here are NOT actual size...

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT Actual size) (actual size is 900 x 650)

This is the Main Menu Screen... ProWDO is a Windows Based Desktop Application...
The section in the bottom middle is actually a built-in web browser
that allows you direct access to our Support Website.

ProWDO Screen Shot   ProWDO Screen Shot
(both are actual size)

ProWDO is a very simple and easy program to use.
Once you setup your custom findings, recommendations and notes along with your diagram
and report templates, you're ready to start processing WDO reports.

ProWDO Screen Shot
(Actual size)

This is the main Report Process screen...
You will be able to Add, Edit, Print, Delete or Close to History from this screen.
You will be able to re-print reports from History, also be able to re-open from History.

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT actual size)

This is the Edit Report Details screen, notice each Tab...
The Report Type and Findings Checkbox options are customizable.

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT actual size)

This is the Diagram Tab... You will be able to setup 1 to 35 Diagram templates
to select as starting points for each report. ProWDO interfaces with MS Paint. (see image below)

ProWDO Screen Shot
This is MS Paint after selecting the Open command from screen shot above.

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ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT actual size)

This is the Findings Tab... The Structure Type checkbox options are customizable.
You actually will use the Search buttons to select from your Findings, Recommendations and Notes
Lookup tables to simply insert that information. The basic idea for Findings - is to insert
from lookup tables and enter the Area Inspected... You can Add as many Items as needed.
(see image below)

ProWDO Screen Shot
This is the Findings Lookup Table after selecting the Search Command to the left of Findings from previous screen shot above.

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT Actual Size)

This is the Estimates Tab...
As you can see it totals for you based on Findings enter on previous Tab.

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT Actual Size)

And the last Tab - Complete Tab...
I thought I would show you how Dates are entered.

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT actual size)

This is the Print Reports Screen... Notice how you select the report you wish to print.
ProWDO will load and insert any data fields that may be setup on each report.
At this point you can select Print - Built-In Report, select Open - WordPad and print from there.
Notice how you can email... You basically Print, save as PDF or Excel and then email. 

ProWDO Screen Shot
(NOT Actual size)

This is the Print WDO Reports Preview Screen, every Built-In report will be displayed like this...
Notice the options at the top of the screen for viewing, printing and saving...

Sample Reports In Adobe pdf Format:

Each sample was saved in pdf format from the ProWDO Print Preview screen from above...

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