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Video Number / Link - Subject
00 - Introduction  - Startup, logon and using the support web browser...
01a - Overview 1  - Overview of the Basic Core Concept part one.
01a - Overview 2  - Overview of the Basic Core Concept part two.
01b - Basic Tips  - Basic Tips while working in ProServe 2012...
01c - LookUp Tables  - Lookup Tables, Warehouse, Users and user groups, Terms and Custom Profiles.
01d - Warehouses  - Setting up multiple warehouses or companies within ProServe 2012
02a - Customer File  - (CFM) - (part one) Billing Account and Other Tabs.
02b - Service File  - (CFM) - (part two) a look at Service Accounts.
02c - Adding New...  - (CFM) - (part three) Adding New Customers and Service Accounts.
02d - LookUp Tables 2   - (CFM) - (part four) Territory, Salesman, Sales Tax and Zip-Codes.
02e - Other Tabs   - (CFM) - (part five) AR-History Tab, Aging and all other Tabs.
02f - Letter System  - How to setup and Merge Accounts into custom Form Letters.
** CFM = Customer File Maintenance
03a - Recur Service  - Creation of Recurring Services and Open-WIP.
03b - Print My Logo  - Setup your logos to print on Invoices, Reminders and Statements etc...
03c - Close Periods  - Closing Period Each Month and How it effects the System.
03d - Setup User Defaults   - User Defaults and How each effects the System.
04a - Order Entry 1  - Order Entry (part one) Basic Edit, Posting with Payments.
04b - Order Entry 2  - Order Entry (part two) Deleting and Adding New Manual Work Orders.
04c - Posting Work Orders  - How to post work orders out-side the Order Entry program.
04d - AR Adjustments  - Creating Returns and Posting Credits and Discounts.
04e - Cancel Old Work  - Cancelling / Deleting un-worked Open Work Orders.
04f - Edit / Un-Post  - How to Edit or Un-Post a Posted Work Order.
04g - Blank Tickets  - Setting Up a BLANK Account for Blank Tickets.
05a - Scheduler 1   - Scheduler (part one)... Basic screen layout and controls.
05a2 - Scheduler 2   - Scheduler (part two)... Using the Day-Timer Feature.
05a3 - Scheduler 3   - Scheduler Detailed (How it Works) 20 Minutes. (Repeats parts 1 and 2)
05b - Route Utility  - Route Utility What is it for?
05c - Reports 1  - Overview of the Reports (Part One).
05d - Reports 2  - Overview of the Reports (Part Two).
06a - Posting Payments 1  - Post Payments (Single or Global).
06b - Posting Payments 2  - Post Payments using the Payment Queue.
06c - Apply Open Credits   - Apply Open Credits, How it happens and how it works.
06d - Void Payments   - Void Payments and Posting Cash-Outs. (Refunds)
07a - Updates  - How to Download and Install Updates.
07b - Backups  - How to Backup the ProServe 2012 Databases.
07c - SetConfig (one)  - How to Rebuild the Database Index Tables.
07d - SetConfig (two)  - How to Attach or Un-Attach Databases to SQL Server.
07e - SetConfig (three)  - How to Update Tables within ProServe 2012 Databases.


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