ProServe 2012 - Mamagement Software Solutions for Pest Control Service Companies


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Service Account File 

Pest Control Software - The basic concept is to setup service accounts to be recurred and run this Service Creation program on a Weekly or Monthly bases for each Department. Then schedule or re-schedule work from the open work orders table to get the work done. You can create manual work orders (one-timers) using the Order Entry program that adds to your open work order tables.

You setup as many departments and service codes as required, assign service codes to departments. The services that you provide can be monthly pest control, quarterly pest control, weekly pest control or termite renewals or any other type services, with many different recurring scheduling controls that you may provide. Don't read this the wrong way, this system is not confined to those few service types or codes. The unique thing about this system is; it can be any type services that any service company provides no matter what that may be. Although this software is designed for the pest control service industry, because one can setup customizable departments, service codes, routes and technicians and global system profiles. Plus setup inventory as usage or sale items that can be recurred with services. One could use this system for any pre-scheduled recurring base service company.